Repairs and Upgrades

We will accept most makes of personal computer for repair or upgrading and we will offer a range of options to ensure that you have a working PC back as soon as possible.

Whether you're just looking to keep your machine up to date or if you'd prefer a state of the art computer designed to last, we are happy to take almost any brand of computer and upgrade to whatever specification is required.


We provide all the networking hardware, technical advice and installation service for local area networks for small to medium businesses and education establishments.

We also offer a number of servers which we configure and maintain, including Linux and Windows servers, more information can be found at here.


KNOW-HOW provides a hardware or software support service so that your machine(s) can be kept up-to-date and trouble-free. We provide a priority service, telephone and remote support.

Remote Support

We offer remote support which means that often we can remote into your computer whilst on the phone to you and solve the problem there and then. This is a great advantage meaning we don't always have to drive out to our clients, saving everyone's time.

Smartphone and Tablet Configuration

Smartphones and Tablet PCs are becoming more common in the workplace, whether iPhones/iPads, Android or other. If you need yours setting up we are happy to configure internet, email, contacts and calendar syncing.