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Over the past 20 years KNOW-HOW has built up relationships with a large number of customers operating within various sectors of business and commerce, education and charity work. Although their requirements are all broadly similar, each organisation needs specific hardware or software configurations in order to get the best from their systems. KNOW-HOW has always worked closely with its customers to help them get the best from their IT installations. For example 

KNOW-HOW have supplied, maintained and upgraded our computer systems for over 10 years, they have always been a pleasure to deal with and having their expert support and advice has been a great business asset and continuing peace of mind for the future 

Loughborough based wheelchair supplier

Mental Health Community Company in Leicester

required a system for around 15 users that allowed Internet access and employed a server to look after their main database. KNOW-HOW supplied much of the hardware and now maintains the system and supports the users. 

Golf Club in Loughborough

uses a server to run its Competitions software. Workstations in the Men's and Ladies locker rooms allow golfers to enter their scores after completing their round of golf. KNOW-HOW provided the hardware and now supports the system. 

Fencing Company in Leicestershire

are a fencing supplies and services company and employ a server and 9 workstations. Their server handles company emails via the domain along with Internet access. It also stores all of the company data.